The collaboration between the German premium label Drykorn and Munich street wear brand Distorted People arose from the long-term friendship between the two brands. While establishing the collaboration, they merged the identities of the two labels, which resulted in an 12-piece collection made up of an appealing blend of off-the-peg clothes and street wear. The clothing items include not only hoodies and t-shirts but also a jacket and elegant trousers.Bright blue elements break up the all-black collection.From mid-October onwards, the collection will be available exclusively at the stores Wormland and Zalando, as well as at Drykorn and Distorted People.


In 1996, Marco Götz launched the fashion label Drykorn with the objective of offering cool, ready-to-wear trousers and jeans at an affordable price. They started out by setting up car boot sales, but within the space of a few seasons, Drykorn became an international fashion label that distinguishes itself in particular through selected fabrics, high-class workmanship and a consistent fashion statement. Nowadays, the company employs over 100 people and supplies more than 1000 stores worldwide.


Born in Laos in 1976, the twin brothers Huy and Dung Vu migrated to Germany with their parents when they were 2 years old. In 2008, their party clothing line DISTORTED inspired them to create the label Distorted People: Unconventional street wear for nonconformist men. The collection with the emblematic Barber & Butcher logo includes roughly 60 clothing items ranging from a beanie to a plain wool coat, a children's collection, as well as several limited editions and collaborations with established fashion and lifestyle brands. The company is headquartered in Munich.