Verzending naar Nederland


If an ordered article fails to please, you can return it to us within a period of two weeks (of receipt of the goods). Please use only the return consignment form for returns, which you can find in your shipping documents. If you don’t have the possibility to print a return consignment form you can obtain a new form under or by ringing stating the order number. Please use this parcel label for returning goods and hand the goods over to the specified package delivery service only. Please note that we can only accept unworn, unwashed and not soiled goods as returns. Furthermore, some articles are secured with security seals. If the goods are damaged, soiled, washed or if the security seal has been damaged or removed, we shall not be obliged to accept the goods or return the purchase price to you. In the case of a complete return of your order the purchase price and the postage / packing costs will be refunded in full.